The Plan: False Flag Incident

Heads up! FBI, media allies now laying groundwork for ‘dirty bomb’ false flag incident that will be blamed on Trump’s supporters

08/16/2022 / By JD Heyes 

Heads up! FBI, media allies now laying groundwork for ‘dirty bomb’ false flag incident that will be blamed on Trump’s supporters

More evidence that the FBI is rotten to the core was revealed over the weekend following the agency’s politicized raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, proving once again how scared the deep state is that he will win the Oval Office again in 2024.

According to a report from CBS News, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security appear to be laying the groundwork for a major false flag attack, with the outlet noting that both agencies are claiming that threats against them and their personnel have dramatically gone up since the Biden regime’s raid.

“The FBI and DHS have observed an increase in threats to federal law enforcement and, to a lesser extent, other law enforcement and government officials following the FBI’s recent execution of a search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida,” says a joint bulletin. “These threats are occurring primarily online and across multiple platforms, including social media sites, web forums, video sharing platforms, and image boards. The FBI and DHS would like to ensure that law enforcement, court, and government personnel are aware of the range of threats and criminal and violent incidents.”

The bulletin even goes on to make a wild claim about a possibility of a nuclear explosion.

It warns that “the FBI and DHS have observed an increase in violent threats posted on social media against federal officials and facilities, including a threat to place a so-called dirty bomb in front of FBI Headquarters and issuing general calls for ‘civil war’ and ‘armed rebellion.’”

The bulletin warned the threats are “specific in identifying proposed targets, tactics, or weaponry.”

Then, of course, two of the most corrupt agencies in the bloated federal government tied it all back to Trump.

“Since 8 August 2022, the FBI and DHS have identified multiple articulated threats and calls for the targeted killing of judicial, law enforcement, and government officials associated with the Palm Beach search, including the federal judge who approved the Palm Beach search warrant,” it adds. “The FBI and DHS have also observed the personal identifying information of possible targets of violence, such as home addresses and identification of family members, disseminated online as additional targets.”

The bulletin went on to cite the bozo in Ohio, “gunman” Ricky Shiffer, who tried to enter the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office using a nail gun.

“On 11 August 2022, Ricky Shiffer, Jr., wearing a technical vest and armed with an AR-style rifle and a nail gun, attempted to forcibly enter the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office. When uniformed officers responded to Shiffer’s attempt to break a glass barrier, he fled the scene,” the bulletin said.

“A pursuit ensued, and Shiffer entered a standoff with FBI and law enforcement officers after firing multiple shots at responding officers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP). After a prolonged standoff, OSHP, with FBI SWAT support, attempted to arrest Shiffer, resulting in his death,” it added.

Some ‘threat.’

“As a result of recent activities, we assess that potential targets of DVE violence moving forward could include law enforcement, judicial officials, individuals implicated in conspiracy theories and perceived ideological opponents who challenge their worldview,” the joint bulletin went on. “Drivers that could escalate the threat environment include possible future law enforcement or legal actions against individuals associated with the Palm Beach search, statements by public officials which incite violence, high profile successful DVE attacks that inspire copycats, or the emergence of additional conspiracy theories.”

“The threats we have observed, to date, underscore that DVEs may view the 2022 midterm election as an additional flashpoint around which to escalate threats against perceived ideological opponents, including federal law enforcement personnel,” the bulletin added.

The groundwork is being laid here to launch another false flag attack that will be used by the anti-Trump deep state regime to take out the former president once and for all as well as his supporters.


Deep state plan revealed: Frame a civil war to justify UN troops to OCCUPY and DISARM America

08/15/2022 / By Mike Adams 

Deep state plan revealed: Frame a civil war to justify UN troops to OCCUPY and DISARM America

Thanks to sources that have stepped forward with inside information, we now know some details about a plan we’re told is being pursued by the Biden regime to achieve the complete overthrow and destruction of the United States of America. As you review this, remember that compromised American officials are working with communist China and the globalists to achieve the downfall of America.

The recent FBI / DOJ raid on Mar-a-Lago is a key element of this plan. The raid was reportedly designed to provoke an armed uprising among Trump supporters, or at least encourage nationwide protests that could be exploited by the FBI to run undercover agents dressed up as MAGA supporters.

During these uprisings, we’re told, the FBI plans to attack government buildings with some sort of large-scale destruction. Think Oklahoma City (the FBI bombed the FBI headquarters in order to blame conservatives) or 9/11. Now add to that list the possibility of dirty bombs being unleashed in America by deep state operatives as a mechanism to declare martial law and feign vulnerability on the part of the government.

Media is rolling out a dirty bomb narrative

The narrative is already being set in place for a dirty bomb attack. For example, recently reported on how the GAO was able to forge a few documents and purchase radioactive materials to be shipped to the United States:

Late last year, government employees forged a copy of a license to buy hazardous, radioactive material. They created shell companies, then placed orders, generated invoices and paid two U.S.-based vendors.

The scheme worked. The employees successfully had the material shipped, complete with radioactive stickers on the side, then confirmed delivery.

“Anyone could open a shell company with a fraudulent license to obtain dangerous amounts of radioactive material that could be weaponized into a dirty bomb,” Torres told Defense News in an interview on Wednesday. “Disperse radioactive material in a city as densely populated as New York, and it could cause catastrophic damage.”

Since most people don’t understand radiation — and it’s invisible — the public can be easily terrorized by the media working in conjunction with the deep state to carry out a dirty bomb attack that might not even be very dangerous from a purely medical / radiological point of view. But hyped up by the media, the average American will believe the world is ending. (It’s the covid panic template all over again…)

Calling in UN troops

To complete this reported scenario, the Biden regime plans to pretend to be weak, bombing its own offices and killing its own agents, in order to issue an international plea for United Nations assistance. “Peacekeeping,” in other words.

These so-called “peacekeepers” are, of course, human traffickers, child sodomizers and rapists, and they will ply their dark trade in US cities just like they do everywhere else in the world. But the real threat is when the UN invites China to occupy the United States under the cover of peacekeeping (or food rescue missions since so many Americans will be starving due to engineered food scarcity), with PLA troops wearing blue helmets and going door to door, attempting to disarm the American people in the name of “security.”

In effect, communist China would be simultaneously disarming America while occupying US territory. Once a critical mass of PLA troops are in place across America, the order is given to mass execute all living Americans so that China can claim North America for itself, instantly reaping the benefit of trillions of dollars worth of farmland, minerals, energy, waterways, ports, industry and more.

The UN peacekeeping mission, in other words, is a grand Trojan Horse to invite the enemy right into America where they can occupy the entire country without having to fight an actual war.

At least that’s the plan currently in play. Whether they can successfully pull it off is another story.

Seeming to confirm this plan is the fact that communist China is in the process of loading up a flotilla of merchant ships with military equipment and personnel, ready to invade the continental United States with a massive military presence. Under this scenario, there would be no resistance to China’s military, as they would be deemed “peacekeepers,” so the entire US Navy would stand down and allow China’s military to roll right up to the West Coast and unload their military equipment on US soil.

The deep state needs a really large false flag attack to scare the public into compliance

In order to achieve all this, the Biden regime needs something incredibly disastrous to take place that would scare the majority of Americans into agreeing with the foreign occupation of America. They would need to paint the American people as the enemy, fabricating all sorts of scary news and scapegoating their political enemies to take the blame for whatever nefarious attack they unleash.

The most likely choice for the regime to achieve these difficult goals is to choose a dirty bomb attack on a major US city, preferably a city in a red state such as Texas or Florida. This way, heavily armed federal agents can descend upon the conservative state and attempt to seize control under federal “emergency” declarations. They can also economically punish a red state and cause local chaos for the GOP governor. This is why a red state is the most likely target for the dirty bomb false flag.

Once a dirty bomb is unleashed — likely in the state’s capitol area — the entire area will be restricted from human access, citing radiation exposure (no matter how tiny it may be). This will throw banking, regulators, legislators and courts into chaos.

The complicit media will of course follow the script and blame the attack on whatever patsy they drum up with sufficient links to conservative media, the NRA and all the usual suspects. The blame will ultimately be placed on a pro-Trump, flag-waving J6 attendee who believes in God, owns a lot of homemade guns and posted some extreme-sounding frustrations on social media. It will of course be a white Christian male, and all white people will be immediately labeled terrorists by the treasonous media.

The calls for nationwide gun confiscation won’t be far behind.

For the record, we are calling for Americans to resist being played by the deep state in this emotional con game. Do not allow yourself to be whipped up into an emotional wave, and do not resort to violence. This is what the deep state wants. The American people need to stay cool and avoid handing the deep state the uprising they desperately want to create.

Will this nefarious plot succeed? Or will white hats stop it?

Rep. Jim Jordan says 14 FBI agents have turned whistleblower and stepped forward to expose the tyranny and corruption of the agency. That’s just a taste of things to come as an increasing number of those who work within the bureaucracy wake up and realize how evil and destructive the federal government has become under the lawless tyranny of the Biden regime.

So-called “white hats” exist inside every federal agency, including the Pentagon. It is currently rumored that the pro-America military leaders at the US military command facilities in Cheyenne Mountain are at war with the corrupt, treasonous Pentagon leaders in Virginia. There’s even talk that the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid was also about trying to seize nuclear launch codes so that the deep state could initiate a nuclear war with China or Russia. We can’t confirm these two points, but they are part of the current chatter behind the scenes.

Many people believe the white hats will emerge victorious as the American people rapidly come to their senses and reject the outright tyranny of the democrat fascists. But the faster the American people wake up and try to vote their way out of this tyranny, the more desperate the regime becomes, willing to unleash almost any level of disaster against America in order to scare the masses into obedience.



$80 Billion NBOA – “National Bleed-Out Act” will make sure the IRS can collect your unpaid taxes or medical bills at gunpoint

08/14/2022 / By S.D. Wells 

$80 Billion NBOA – “National Bleed-Out Act” will make sure the IRS can collect your unpaid taxes or medical bills at gunpoint

Wave goodbye to liberty. Now it’s not just DHS that’s armed to the teeth, but FDA, EPA, USDA, CDC, CPS, and… wait for it… the I…R…S. Meanwhile, as the Democrats print trillions of dollars that go completely unaccounted for, Biden wants YOUR guns, and badly, right now. The rogue US government is stockpiling weapons for the IRS while they emotionally charge the populace with every mass shooting in an effort to take away all of their guns. See the big picture here? The funding mechanism for turning the IRS into the SS Gestapo nearly overnight is called the NBOA – National Bleed-Out Act, also known as the fake Inflation Reduction Act.

Break out the tanks, the automatic weapons, the hollow point bullets and lots of tear gas, and load up the IRS in preparation for MASSIVE tax hikes, MASSIVE inflation increases, and MASSIVE food shortages across the entire country you used to know.

Prepare for the Intolerable Acts of 2022-24

Now it gets nasty. Evil. Bottomless pit horrendous. The IRS is in mass preparation mode right now, arming up with bullets, guns, “officers” and possibly robo-cops (think fully-automated cops-on-horses, robot collector ‘dogs,’ and drones that fly to your front door to film it all, possibly in infra-red at 330 am. Inflation is skyrocketing. Government and private sector debt is an avalanche. Supply chain issues are a tsunami. And the empty shelves at grocery stores looks like the aftermath of a massive hurricane.

Now come the Intolerable Acts of 2022-2024. The Democrats are admitting they are evil, tyrannical and not-to-be-stopped. Protest them (even peacefully) in Washington DC and you will be slammed into the worst prison ever, with no lawyer or trial in sight, and charged as a domestic terrorist, with no real crime even committed.

Amazon and their drone-army will most likely team up with the IRS, and the next package you think you’re getting will be a full-blown raid to collect any debt you have, or ever had, or maybe never had, because you’re a conservative that the Left plans on prosecuting anyhow. Just like they did when they raided Trump’s home.

The IRS will be armed with 5 million rounds of ammo like a Russian Blitzkrieg, storming into homes and pulling people out like they are terrorists living in the USA, when all they are is tax-paying, law-abiding, God-fearing citizens who “disagree” with the fake narratives of war, pandemic, economy, supply chain, vaccines, food and the environment.

 “National Bleed-Out Act” doubles the size of the IRS, arms them to the teeth, and builds up their records system like a Nazi concentration camp death list

With the insane Democrats in charge of Washington DC, the FDA, the CDC, DHS, CPS and the IRS, who do you think will show up first in their Microsoft databases for immediate collections (at gunpoint)? The unvaccinated. The Republicans. The gun owners. The big land owners. That’s who. They’ll be invaded by the IRS “SS” Gestapo officers like Roger Stone on a calm, quiet evening. Most likely, CPS will accompany them to “take care” of your children while you’re locked up with no trial or lawyer. Remember, the FBI says if you’re patriotic, then you are a domestic terrorist.

The National Bleed-Out Act is not intended to reduce inflation, or stop it, or fix it, or any of the above. It’s all about arming up the IRS for when inflation gets MUCH WORSE and taxes go WAY UP on all Americans, Bernie Sander’s style. Communist style. The entire USA will look just like Venezuela.

That’s the goal, and the Inflation Reduction Act means just the opposite, because it’s always opposite day when an “Act” or “Bill” gets a name from the Demoncrats. It comes as no surprise. Remember Obama’s NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act? That still applies, where the US government can claim a “national emergency” and take over your land, your home, your food, and maybe your children too.

Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about the IRS and the lawless terror crusade waged by the Biden-CCP Regime on the American people that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

Reckon We Are Headed to “Civil War”. Not the North and South but for FREEDOM.

Will there be a 2nd civil war in America? Growing calls for ‘civil war’ after FBI search

08/14/2022 / By News Editors 

Will there be a 2nd civil war in America? Growing calls for ‘civil war’ after FBI search

The FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s home has sparked intense reactions.

(Article republished from

As reported by MSM:

Some Democrats are ecstatic. Many Americans are simply waiting to see what evidence the FBI took and find more about the investigation. Some Republicans, loyal to President Trump, are outraged and calling for a ‘civil war.’

There is growing concern from extremism experts about the increasingly violent rhetoric.

One member of the ‘Patriots of Arizona’ Telegram group wrote, “when are we going to do something about this?

Another called for the group to protest outside the current Arizona Attorney general’s home and office.

Another far-right Arizona Telegram group shared a poll asking members to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question, “Will there be a 2nd civil war in America?

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who has been censured and investigated by her colleagues for violent rhetoric, wrote: “We need many arrests, tribunals and tough constitutional punishment for the treason that has continued to take place.

On the far-right social media site, Gab, users commented on Republican Secretary of State nominee Mark Finchem’s post.

One person wrote, “Merrick Garland needs to hang.

Another commenter added, “As some who has seen war up close and personal, I say bring it.

The trigger words are then going to incite some type of violence or some type of activity,” said Matt Browning, a retired Mesa police detective and expert on extremism.

Browning says the talk about ‘civil war’ is not completely new but “the base is so much bigger than it was.

The anger is going to continue to rise,” said Browning. “What once was unacceptable to say is now going to become acceptable.

Tuesday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham tried to appeal to his party’s most aggrieved voters.

To those who feel the need to violently react – the answer is don’t,” said Graham. “What you need to do is make sure you show up and vote to stop some of this madness.” [ABC15]

This is not about Rep vs Dem or pro-Trump or pro-Biden; it’s a fight for freedom and equality (why Trump and not Pelosi?; why Trump and not the Clintons, the Obamas and so on; It’s a fight for the US!

FBI . . .DOJ . . .

Rep. Perry to Newsmax: FBI, DOJ Waging ‘Tyranny’ Against Conservatives

By Jay Clemons    |   Thursday, 11 August 2022 08:40 PM EDT

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., has a problem with Attorney General Merrick Garland suggesting that the FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was an evenhanded application of the law.

“That’s not the impression that anybody [else] gets,” Perry told Newsmax on Thursday evening on “Rob Schmitt Tonight” with guest host Carl Higbie. 

To accentuate his point, Perry noted the respective sagas of Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop, President Joe Biden’s knowledge of son Hunter’s business dealings with international companies, or Hillary Clinton’s avoidance of legal troubles from her alleged inability to conceal classified emails while serving as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state.

“[The American people] have watched every single Democrat, every person they know on the left, get a free pass [from federal agencies] for everything under the sun,” Perry said.

“Meanwhile, every person on the right, your regular hard-working citizen who’s a voter, gets persecuted by their government, their Justice Department. … and I’m just a recent, high-profile member of that” club.

Shortly after the Monday search of Trump’s Florida resort, the FBI confiscated Perry’s phone, while the congressman was vacationing with family.

“They said, ‘We’re here to seize your cellphone,'” Perry recalled, adding that the FBI agents refused to say why they were taking it. 

“[The DOJ and FBI] ‘could have contacted my lawyers,” said Perry, who is up for reelection in November. “But they chose to make a spectacle of it … it’s all for the spectacle. They seek to coerce and intimidate those that don’t bend the knee” to the Democratic Party.

Perry said the FBI agents only “imaged” his confiscated phone rather than combing through every contact and text message. 

“They don’t have authorization to look through it,” and the feds returned his phone, he said. “But keep in mind the unprecedented nature of this tyranny.”

In general, Perry said that none of the three branches of government — executive, legislative and judicial — are legally permitted to intimidate or coerce other branches.

At the same time, Perry — chairman of the House Freedom Caucus — wonders if his phone seizure was retaliation for his demanding impeachment hearings against Garland after the Department of Justice attempted to label some parental groups attending school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

Come November, though, Perry believes the Republicans will have the last laugh.

“We’re going to take back the House” in the midterm elections, Perry said. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s about 90 days away.”

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