A Storm is coming, and we are In Peril.

We are in Peril. As a people and as a country. I really don’t think it will be long before we are faced with defending ourselves. I was watching the news about Australia where the government is saying that anyone without vaccine documentation will not be allowed to go into any establishment. This is how the US is turning. Governmental control of all the people. Without government approval or permission, people will not be allowed to buy, trade, travel, or gather. Sounds to me like preparation for . . .


Welcome to “My World.”

Introduction: Well, here’s another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.




  1. a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.

“Welcome to my world. Glad you are here and now that you are, let’s get this story started. First of all, my name is, Technical Sergeant Jacob T. Anderson, United States Air Force, Combat Security Police.  Surprised ain’t you. But I did say Air Force Security Police.  You see it’s not always the Army. It’s not always the Navy. And it’s not always the Marines.  This time it’s the Air Force and it’s not about a pilot. So, now that that is out of the way, let’s begin. Oh yes, I will tell you more about me later in the story. Okay, where was I, oh yes, the beginning.  You see this is started back in the fifties during the first Korean War, or police action as they like to refer to it as. But let me tell you, when bombs are exploding all around you and the bullets and hand grenades are flying, call it what you want, but the soldier on the ground having to survive through it all, it is a WAR and don’t let anybody tell you different. So, as I said, it started in the fifties when the North invaded or attacked the South. Of course, the US couldn’t stand by and let a communistic country take over another country, so, off we went. And of course, the police action took almost four years but finally, it ended, an armistice was signed, or cease fire, and the 38th parallel was established to keep each country separated. But a cease fire is not by any means a victory on the part of either the North, or the South, which means that hostilities, War, could start again. And that brings us to where we are now. The Security Police have been given a mission which calls for the redeployment of two 44-man Air Base Defense flights, one from Kunsan and the other from Osan.  Their mission is to establish and secure and hill, SAAM-RI, just south of the city of Chuncheon. This hill was for the purpose of intercepting communications that emanate from North Korea. The hill has been given the name of Rebel Station. Don’t know why because there were no rebels there. Now, where I come in is . . . well, I’ll just let you see for yourself.”

Chapter One

Peace is our profession war is just a hobby. 

Can you believe that moto? Yep, we say peace and asked why we can’t have it. But in reality, there will never be peace. And when it comes to the US, we have been involved in conflicts and police actions, and of course, war throughout our history.  There was World War I. Then, a few years later there was World War II. After that we were in Korea and after that, Vietnam. So, it’s fair to say that when this next war came along, the US had to be in the middle of it, especially since we were already in the country and dealing with Mr. big mouth in North Korea. Everyone in South Korea was already on edge and have been for a long time. They could see the signs. They heard the rumblings.  North Korea was preparing, they were gearing up for what they were calling, reunification.”

So, this story. This story is about a group of men that never expected to be where they are going to be and didn’t ever want to be there again.  Yes, they were trained, as training would go, but not ready.  You see, since Vietnam the United States Air Force Security Police has not been in a major conflict and so it’s fair to say that complacency was the order of the day. But, on Rebel Station, where this story is located, there will be one man who will try and turn that around. So, let’s get into the story. We will start in Washington just after the elections.     

Winter in Washington D.C. is cold. Snow on the ground, windy, and in December it’s temperatures being in the low 20’s and highs in the 30’s to 40’s. This is how the end of the year was in the year 1984.

 Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year is on everyone’s mind with the hopes of a good holiday. But even with all the holiday cheer, it’s not always a happy time. The presidential election has just been decided, or stolen by a Democrat. He will be taking over as commander in chief in January. One who has never been in the Military and thus can’t make military decisions. He’s going to be what is referred to as a lame duck. But until he is sworn in the current President is still in the seat and has to deal with all threatening situations.

Everything was quiet until the shocking news of the assassinations of the North Korean Leader and his brother came across the networks, followed up immediately by the successor, Kem Kyung Long quickly taking his place as the new Leader. This report caused considerable concern in Washington and the press, and the media was chomping at the bits to tell the world but they think freedom of the press is about scaring the people of the world.

 President, Alan T. Rogers was seated at the table in the situation room with his joint chiefs.  They briefed him on the new developments in North Korea. The new “Great Leader” has not made any announcements yet, but he was expected to very soon.

“Mr. President. With junior taking over he will most assuredly make the same threats his father did. But you’d think he’d go ahead and do what he says he’s going to do, especially with this new ballistic missile they have just tested. So, before the democrats pull the plug on smart, let’s go ahead and make sure we have a strike package just in case, he gets froggy.”

“Keep me informed.” The President got up and left.

“Yep, this President doesn’t play when it comes to North Korea.  He would really just like to drop a nuke on them and be done with it, but then there is China and Russia he would have to deal with and of course the politics’, of the democrats who all they want to do is talk and apologize and give in and just give the new Leader a slap on the hand and give him some candy. But, if it comes to pulling the trigger, he will not hesitate.”

“Well,” said a White House staffer, “it looks like it’s the same old news again. North Korea is rattling it’s sabers.”

Then came the announcement from the Central Broadcasting Station, CBS, telling the American people there was a new North Korean Great Leader and that he said the U.S. military holding its yearly exercises was a threat to his country.  He responded with threating military strikes and, war.  But even though the previous leader threatened so many times before, but never did anything, the U.S. still has concerns.

“He’s not going to do anything. Besides, China and Russia won’t back him up, they will just let him hang himself and that will be the end of that,” said another White House staffer. But in South Korea, it was a whole different story. Every soldier in the T.O., Theater of Operations, knew that something was stirring and that something was probably war. And they believed, from all the indicators, it was definite, and it was going to be very soon.

People all over the world were watching, including a Technical Sergeant at Grand Forks Air Force Base, Grand Forks, North Dakota. He held a particular interest because of a new set of orders he had just received.  He was being reassigned to the 8th SPS, Kunsan Air Base, Republic of South Korea.

The news had just gone off.

“Sergeant Anderson, didn’t you say you were going to Korea?”

“Yep. I was going to Korea alright. But to me, any place was better than Grand Forks North Dakota.  The place where “never is heard an encouraging word and the skies are cloudy all day.”  I was anxiously looking forward to it. So, with that in mind let’s check out some things that are happening in the Korean Theater of operations that the press does not know about.”

Near the DMZ:

Under the cover of darkness, a five-man North Korean Special Operations deep strike team, led by Senior Lieutenant Lei Chung, made its way to their rally point.  They were part of an advance element of the NKPA, North Korean People’s Army. Their specific missions included murder, assassination, execution, seizure, destruction of communications and high value targets.  This team was one of the best of the best, the ultimate warriors.

When Chung and his team reached the DMZ, their guide met them. He would take them through one of the infiltration tunnels to the other side, their objective; enter South Korea unnoticed. However, an unexpected contact almost put that plan in jeopardy.  As they came to the end of the underground tunnel, they encountered a ten-man South Korean patrol. Both teams reacted, but Chung and his team, were quicker. A sudden but short exchange of gunfire erupted resulting in the death of all ten men of the South Korean patrol.  Now Chung and his men had to move quickly. They thanked their escort and slipped silently into South Korea.

With their first objective met, Chung led his team west toward their next rendezvous, a small submarine.  Its mission, get them close to their first target area, the American air base located south of the Kum River – Kunsan Air Base.

Hands & Fingers to Fight.

We were “Ready-Eager-And-Prepared-Every-Recall.

War is not something you wish for or are excited about being a part of. But, when you are called up to go, you go. Can’t you just hear the chatter.

“Well, does anyone know where we are going?”

“We are headed for the land of sand and bedrock. The big sandbox.”

“You reckon ole insane will use chemicals like he says.”

“I hope we don’t have to hump it in like you do at Silver Flag.”

“I don’t know about you, but I figure on working on my tan.”

And the talk continues.

Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

This is a picture of the 1st SPS out of Langley Air Force Base, preparing to go to war. Their destination, Saudi Arabia. The Event, Desert Shield/Storm. These are the “Air Soldiers.”

We went to war not knowing the outcome, and we survived.

At Dharan checking in.