The “DEFENDER” Chronicle:

Dear Patriot, Joe Biden is mentally unfit to stay in office. That’s what former White House physician, Donny Jackson, said when he raised the alarm last month. And unfortunately, Biden’s latest crisis is proving him right. After botching the situation in Afghanistan and putting American lives at risk… People are losing confidence, and the calls for Biden to step down are growing louder by the day. Trump warned us last fall this would happen. He predicted that Kamala would take over for Biden as the next president THIS YEAR. Now, it seems it’s only a matter of time… We’re set to see the most liberal senator EVER become president by the end of 2021. And that has everyday Americans terrified. What does Kamala’s socialist plan mean for your wealth when she takes over? 
With her pulling the strings behind the scenes, we’ve already seen what’s coming…  Because Kamala has been putting our country on the fast track to bankruptcy…  And dragging hard-working folks along for the ride. Forbes is saying, “America is engaging in an unprecedented spending spree.” The Wall Street Journal just reported that “Congress is readying another $4 or $5 trillion of spending fuel to the fire.” And Fox Business warns that this spending spree “threatens to turn high inflation [into hyperinflation] and devalue American’s paychecks even more.” In other words: Your retirement account could soon be in grave danger. However, millions of Americans are fighting back with a proven wealth protection strategy.

The worst is yet to come and we as Americans need to get ready.

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