Perilous Times: How will it be before the Rapture.

And the Rapture is going to happen. Let’s just look at what could happen. One, the Government Collapse’s, Or Russia conducts a cyberattack on our power grid, or even drops a Nuke. Marshal Law along with total lawlessness. Millions of Americans die, Chaos beyond description. So you have to at least ask yourself the question,Continue reading “Perilous Times: How will it be before the Rapture.”

American Cities Becoming Warzones

Don’t worry America, all these criminals have been re-habilitated. Chaos IS the plan: More evidence Democrat DAs are turning American cities into war zones by refusing to lock up violent criminals 09/26/2022 / By JD Heyes  For some reason, it has become the mission of left-wing billionaire George Soros to destroy America, despite the fact thatContinue reading “American Cities Becoming Warzones”

Fact or Fiction: Has World War Three already begun?

The Bible talks about the earth melting with fervent heat. “John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten so, that whosoever believeth in him should have everlasting life.” World War III has already begun, but the truth is being withheld from the public until the very last moment 09/23/2022Continue reading “Fact or Fiction: Has World War Three already begun?”

Fact or Fiction: Could what Russia is doing be for real.

The world as we know it is headed straight for the “Great Tribulation” and there is no stopping the plan of God. Could Russia or China be the countries that God is going to use to Judge America? Pro-Putin ideologue predicts World War III as Russian leader calls up 300,000 reservists for war in UkraineContinue reading “Fact or Fiction: Could what Russia is doing be for real.”