The Plan: False Flag Incident

Heads up! FBI, media allies now laying groundwork for ‘dirty bomb’ false flag incident that will be blamed on Trump’s supporters 08/16/2022 / By JD Heyes  More evidence that the FBI is rotten to the core was revealed over the weekend following the agency’s politicized raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, proving once againContinue reading “The Plan: False Flag Incident”


“LET FREEDOM RING” $80 Billion NBOA – “National Bleed-Out Act” will make sure the IRS can collect your unpaid taxes or medical bills at gunpoint 08/14/2022 / By S.D. Wells  Wave goodbye to liberty. Now it’s not just DHS that’s armed to the teeth, but FDA, EPA, USDA, CDC, CPS, and… wait for it… the I…R…S. Meanwhile,Continue reading “NBOA”

Reckon We Are Headed to “Civil War”. Not the North and South but for FREEDOM.

Will there be a 2nd civil war in America? Growing calls for ‘civil war’ after FBI search 08/14/2022 / By News Editors  The FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s home has sparked intense reactions. (Article republished from As reported by MSM: Some Democrats are ecstatic. Many Americans are simply waiting to see what evidence the FBI tookContinue reading “Reckon We Are Headed to “Civil War”. Not the North and South but for FREEDOM.”

FBI . . .DOJ . . .

Rep. Perry to Newsmax: FBI, DOJ Waging ‘Tyranny’ Against Conservatives By Jay Clemons    |   Thursday, 11 August 2022 08:40 PM EDT Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., has a problem with Attorney General Merrick Garland suggesting that the FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was an evenhanded application of the law. “That’s not the impression that anybody [else] gets,” Perry told Newsmax onContinue reading “FBI . . .DOJ . . .”