What we Know and Don’t Know.

Warning Indicators A series of warning indicators would likely foretell a cyberattack on the U.S. power grid. Potential indicators could include smaller test-run attacks outside the United States on systems that are used in the United States; intelligence collection that indicates an adversary is conducting reconnaissance or is in the planning stages; deterioration in relationsContinue reading “What we Know and Don’t Know.”

Crime Increases with more Mass Shootings

Who is at fault? The Democrats. But will they acknowledge the fact that they have brought all the on? Mass shootings just one sign of the systemic collapse of western society‚Ķ more hunger, violence, debt and destruction yet to come 05/16/2022 / By Mike Adams The realization is hitting home for many people that the crises nowContinue reading “Crime Increases with more Mass Shootings”

Just Another Piece of the Puzzle

I’m telling you; this is not a joke. This is for sure the real deal. Robert K. Knake Introduction The U.S. power grid has long been considered a logical target for a major cyberattack. Besides the intrinsic importance of the power grid to a functioning U.S. society, all sixteen sectors of the U.S. economy deemedContinue reading “Just Another Piece of the Puzzle”