So, Washington and the CDC was WRONG all along. Go figure.

CDC finally recognizes right of “individuals” to make their own health choices – no more forced covid vaccinations or quarantines

08/13/2022 / By Ethan Huff 

CDC finally recognizes right of “individuals” to make their own health choices – no more forced covid vaccinations or quarantines

New guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put an end to mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” – at least as far as the CDC is concerned.

No longer is the CDC urging or trying to force everyone in the “herd” to get jabbed. From now on, it is up to the individuals to make the choice for themselves without the government telling them what to do.

Entitled “Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of Covid-19,” the CDC’s new release, as explained by NPR, includes the following recommendations:

  • Those exposed to the virus are no longer required to quarantine.
  • Unvaccinated people now have the same guidance as vaccinated people.
  • Students can stay in class after being exposed to the virus.
  • It is no longer recommended to screen (test) those without symptoms.

Other new recommendations include only masking if you have been exposed to or tested “positive” for Chinese Germs, as well as official recognition by the CDC that a healthy person who is unvaccinated now has the same immunity as a fully jabbed person.

These changes represent a major deviation from what the CDC has been pushing up until, well, now. For the past two years, the CDC did not want anyone to appear in public unmasked. It also wanted everyone to be force-injected in order to live. (Related: At one point, there was talk about the CDC setting up covid “Green Zone” quarantine [concentration?] camps.)

Now, suddenly, the CDC is stressing the idea of individual decision-making when it comes to health. In fact, the CDC mentions the word individual some 10 different times in the new guidance.

“That is consistent with where we are in the pandemic right now,” says Dr. Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. “I don’t really think there are many state or local jurisdictions that are feeling they’re going to need to start making mandates.”

CDC says almost everyone is now immune to covid – the plandemic is over

The CDC’s Greta Massetti further explained that the agency’s new position is that, vaccinated or unvaccinated, at least 95 percent of the general population is now fully immune to the Fauci Flu, and that no further tyranny is necessary.

“Based on the latest … data, it’s around 95 percent of the population,” she is quoted as saying. “And so, it really makes the most sense to not differentiate.”

One area of concern with the CDC’s new guidance is the recommendation that children at school be masked rather than quarantined after being so-called “exposed” to the virus.

“The practice of handling exposures would involve masking rather than a quarantine,” Massetti said about how children in K-12 should be handled.

Massetti stopped short of declaring the plandemic to be over in the same way this writer is, but she did essentially declare it to be over in so many words – at least as far as everyday life is concerned.

“This guidance acknowledges that the pandemic is not over, but also helps us move to a point where Covid-19 no longer severely disrupts our daily lives,” Massetti said. “We know that Covid-19 is here to stay.”

Truthfully, there never should have been any disruption in the first place. While it is great that the CDC is backing off from medical fascism, the damage is already done in the form of economic devastation, lost lives and livelihoods, and broken supply chains.

“How many poor souls could have been saved if this happened from the beginning?” asked a commenter. “The lawyers stand to make billions on this in lawsuits.”

IRS is Hired and Locked and Loaded.

When they are done with Trump, we are next. The “SS” is coming.

Coming after ordinary Americans? IRS adding armed enforcement agents as part of massive new hiring spree

08/12/2022 / By JD Heyes 

Coming after ordinary Americans? IRS adding armed enforcement agents as part of massive new hiring spree

Democrats and their allies claim that the latest gargantuan spending bill just passed by the Senate which contains tens of billions in new funding for the IRS to hire 87,000 new staff is not aimed at ordinary Americans.

But of course, Democrats and their allies have no ability to tell the truth.

Thanks to decades of deficit spending by Congress on programs aimed at buying votes, the U.S. government is massively in debt. As of this writing, America’s national debt is north of $30 trillion, and to be brutally honest, there is no way that debt gets repaid. There is zero political will in Congress to raise the kind of taxes on all earners (via a fair tax or a flat tax) and cut the programs eating up so much of every annual budget, so our debt will only continue to grow.

However, the interest payments on our debt will begin to skyrocket soon thanks to the Federal Reserve having no choice but to raise rates to slow inflation, thanks to Democratic spending and Joe Biden’s economy-destroying policies. So, the Democrats are about to hire tens of thousands of new IRS agents whose jobs it will be to a) target ordinary Americans for more taxes (not just anyone making more than $400,000 a year, like the liars on the mainstream cable TV networks claim); and b) enforce those new tax orders.

“They ‘will combine accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes,’” documentarian Ford Fischer noted in a tweet, citing the job description, adding that “all income earned, both legal and illegal, has the potential of becoming involved in crimes which fall within the investigative jurisdiction of the IRS Criminal Investigation.”

The job description notes further:

Who are we?

Criminal Investigation (CI) is the law enforcement branch of the IRS. Our mission is to serve the American public by investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code, and related financial crimes, in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.

As a Special Agent you will combine your accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes. Special Agents are duly sworn law enforcement officers who are trained to “follow the money.” No matter what the source, all income earned, both legal and illegal, has the potential of becoming involved in crimes which fall within the investigative jurisdiction of the IRS Criminal Investigation. Because of the expertise required to conduct these complex financial investigations, IRS Special Agents are considered the premier financial investigators for the Federal government.

Of note: After an uproar to the job posting caused by the alternative media reporting on it, the IRS pulled down the listing.

Conservative author and commentator Tammy Bruce noted in a tweet that the Democrats view ordinary Americans as enemies of the state.

“The Democrats view the American people as the enemy,” she wrote in a tweet that included a link to a Washington Examiner story, adding this quote: “Special agents, who can be placed around the nation and world, have an interesting job, according to the IRS description. They are financial analysts and armed officers ready for a shootout.”

Bruce is spot on: The Biden regime and Democrats, in general, see ordinary folks as threats.

There seems to be a problem With The C-19 Vaccine.

So, you have to ask, is the W.H.O. on the up and up? It looks like a depopulation is going on. Could it have something to do with “The Great Reset?”

The death business is BOOMING thanks to covid vaccines

08/10/2022 / By Ethan Huff

North America’s leading provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services says business is booming ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were introduced under Operation Warp Speed.

Between 2020 and 2021 when Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump paved the way for a quick and highly profitable launch of the injections, Service Corporation International (SCI), which handles some 450,000 corpses per year, saw a massive increase in earnings.

“Funerals are a solid but slow-growth business, and the trend toward cremations hasn’t helped,” writes Alex Berenson on his Substack. “But between 2019 and 2021, SCI’s earnings per share more than doubled, from $1.90 to $4.57.”

At first, SCI blamed a covid “pull-forward” event for the death surge it started seeing. What this means, in essence, is that because people who were already close to death anyway died in large numbers supposedly due to covid, the death count in future years would be less, balancing things out.

When this did not happen as expected, outsiders like Berenson came to the conclusion that the increased death tolls are not because of covid, but rather because of the shots that were introduced as the “cure.”

“Lucky for Service Corporation and its investors, pull-forward isn’t turning out to be a problem,” Berenson writes. “Americans are still dying at rates well above normal, even as Covid becomes a minimal part of business this year.” (Related: If you or someone you know already took covid vaccines, you might be able to find relief using these remedies.)

SCI saw $1 billion in sales this past spring

For those profiting from the plandemic, all of these deaths are resulting in massive returns on investment. SCI’s spring earnings saw nearly $1 billion in sales and $135 million in profits.

In a statement to investors and Wall Street analysts, company CEO Tom Ryan beat around the bush in blaming “covid” for the surge in corpses that have come through the company.

“I think that covid cases on a national basis … it’s just not material to our numbers,” he said. “So, like, we tried to point out at investor day, I think we’re experiencing – we’re servicing elevated numbers of consumers.”

The phrase “elevated numbers of consumers” is a very bizarre way of saying more dead bodies needing funerals, burials and cremations are flooding SCI with lots and lots of cash.

“And you’d say, okay, what is that, Tom? Well, we’ve mentioned a little bit, we think there’s still excess deaths,” Ryan went on to say. “We think we can correlate it with lack of healthcare, people probably drinking too much, smoking too much, driving too fast, depression and access to mental health.”

Amazingly, Ryan avoided even hinting at the jabs as a possible contributor and factor in SCI’s amazing new stream of profits. Barely anyone in America smokes these days, by the way, and drinking has been a problem for much longer than the plandemic.

While it is true that some people were forced to delay treatments during the plandemic because health facilities were locked down, the number of folks who died as a result is minimal and does not fully capture the massive increase in bodies that SCI is seeing.

“I think we will see a huge uptick in opportunistic diseases because of VAIDS,” wrote one of Berenson’s readers about vaccine-induced AIDS, which is really starting to pick up. “I believe ‘monkeypox’ is just the tip.”

“They wanted to reduce the world population, and what better way than to create a situation where deaths could be attributed to things other than covid and the jab. They thought they were hiding their tracks, thus diminishing the possibility of being charged with crimes against humanity. We see them!”

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