It is coming and we had better be prepared.

False flag coming: As U.S. inches closer to war, DHS releases report claiming “domestic extremists” are set to target the power grid

05/05/2022 / By JD Heyes

If the Democrat-aligned deep state is one thing, it is persistent in its efforts to tear down our constitutional republic and replace it with an authoritarian regime that more resembles the monarchy our founders rebelled against some 240 years ago.

The same corrupt government entities that used every opportunity to undermine Donald Trump and then steal his reelection from him are now plotting a massive false flag incident so they can target his conservative supporters and all under the guise of a ‘cyber attack’ on the U.S. power grid.

Earlier this week, the deep state released a ‘report,’ via the Department of Homeland Security, claiming that “domestic extremists” — this regime’s code for “Trump supporters” — are planning to target the U.S. power grid. That means, of course, that the regime is set to launch a false flag on the grid so Trump’s supporters can be blamed, rounded up, prosecuted and jailed like those who did nothing on Jan. 6, 2020, at the U.S. Capitol Building but stand on Capitol grounds or walk into the building (another obvious false flag, by the way).

The Associated Press reports:

Extremist groups in the United States appear to increasingly view attacking the power grid as a means of disrupting the country, according to a government report aimed at law enforcement agencies and utility operators.

Domestic extremists “have developed credible, specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure since at least 2020,” according to the report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis. The document, dated Monday, was obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

The report also claims that extremists “adhering to a range of ideologies will likely continue to plot and encourage physical attacks against electrical infrastructure,” which, at present count, amounts to around 6,400 power plants and roughly 450,000 miles of power transmission lines spanning the U.S.

But then, here comes the money quote from AP:

Experts on the U.S. power grid have pointed out that it would be difficult to knock out power to the nation given the size and decentralized nature of the grid. The DHS report also notes that attackers, without inside help at least, would be unlikely to produce widespread, multistate outages, though they could still do damage and cause injuries.

Then how, exactly, is this threat genuine? If our decentralized grid is impregnable to anyone without inside help, then isn’t that an admission that the deep state would be responsible for any widespread outages?

But of course, the reality is, this ‘report’ is just the regime’s latest attempt to advance the narrative that our country faces a ‘huge threat’ from Trump’s ‘extremists,’ though, without question, the most extreme elements in the country at present — BLM, Antifa, etc. — are all left-wing.

“It comes as both the FBI and DHS have repeatedly warned in recent months that the U.S. faces a heightened threat from domestic extremists,” the AP reports.

“They feel that disrupting the electrical supply will disrupt the ability of government to operate,” a federal law enforcement official told the AP on condition of anonymity, adding that power stations are most often located in remote areas and taking them out will foment distrust of government.

“And, secondly, by conducting attacks against the communications and electrical infrastructure, it will actually accelerate the coming civil war that they anticipate because it will disrupt the lives of so many people that they will lose faith in government,” the official said.

But a report from Forward Observer sent to subscribers on Wednesday indicates something else: Civil conflicts most often stem from major political divisions, and without question, the regime in power hates liberty- and freedom-minded individualism fostered by our founders and embraced by Trump.

“Civil wars become more likely when a country experiences a significant and rapid political change, such as an attempted transition to democracy or slip into anocracy,” the report said, citing a book by Barbara F. Walter, a former CIA analyst, titled, “How Civil Wars Start.”

We are heading for tumultuous times. Prepare yourself as best you can and expect the unexpected.

Look At What North Korea is Doing.

North Korea Tests New Weapon Bolstering Nuclear Capability

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Last March, Kim Jong Un promised to enhance his country’s “nuclear war deterrent” while preparing for a “long-standing confrontation” with the United States, while the United States has urged for more U.N. sanctions.

Now, North Korea tested a new tactical guided weapon Sunday, state television said. This comes only one day before the US-South Korea annual military exercises, which the North calls a mock invasion.

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This year, Pyongyang’s 13th round of missile launches sparked worries of a bolder provocation, such as a nuclear test, to increase its weapons stockpile and put pressure on Washington and Seoul amid stalled negotiations.

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim Jong Il saw the missile’s successful launch. The South Korean authorities supplied a photo of Kim Jong-un and military officers clapping.

By testing the weapon, KCP asserted it will “significantly increase the firepower of frontline long-range artillery units, improve (North Korea’s) efficiency, and diversify their firepower missions.”

The weapon that can deliver a battlefield nuclear warhead capable of hitting critical targets in South Korea, including U.S. military bases, is a tactical nuke. But KCNA didn’t elaborate. The KCNA broadcast did not provide the launch date or place.

Prof. Ewha of Seoul’s Ewha University alleges North Korea intends to build tactical nuclear weapons to threaten Seoul and American bases in Asia, and long-range nuke missiles aimed towards Pyongyang’s ambitions may go beyond deterrence and regime survival.” As Russia fears, North Korea may employ tactical nukes for political intimidation, military escalation, and limiting other nations’ willingness to engage in a fight.

A study of North Korean photographs reveals the weapon is a smaller, lighter version of the nuclear-capable KN-23 missile meant to avoid missile defense systems. Others thought it might be a new missile combining the KN-23 and KN-24 technologies.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea said two missile launches from the North’s eastern coastal town of Hamhung were detected early Saturday evening.

The missiles flew at a maximum speed of Mach 4 and a height of 16 miles from 110 kilometers distant. South Korean officials met twice over the weekend to discuss North Korean military actions.

The South Korean military later announced the start of nine-day spring military drills on Monday. According to the article, the allies agreed to conduct computer-simulated command post exercises that do not need field training.

North Korea has previously responded to the U.S. and South Korean military drills with its nuclear tests and provocative rhetoric.

On December 5, 2017, North Korea launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching the U.S. Pyongyang’s provocative acts, such as another ICBM test, a spy satellite launch, or perhaps a nuclear test, was foreseen by South Korean and U.S. authorities. According to South Korean military reports, North Korea appears to be building tunnels at its partially damaged nuclear testing site.

North Korea’s nuclear test might involve a tactical nuclear weapon, says Cheong Seong-Chang of the independent Sejong Institute. He predicted that North Korea would try to attach a Tactical Nuclear Warhead to the weapon and deploy it near the Korean border based on this weekend’s test.

Kim submitted an unannounced mission to boost North Korea’s war deterrence capabilities, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Sunday. Kim had previously hailed the country’s development in nuclear defense. A recent test by the North showed that Kim has committed to constructing formidable weapons systems to counter American aggression.

“Whatever the U.S. does, North Korea has a domestic motive to build and improve the weapons ordered last year by Kim Jong Un. Duyeon Kim, a senior analyst at the Center for a New American Security in Washington, believes the exam shows his country is strong despite its economic troubles. The date may have been planned to protest imminent US-South Korean military operations.”

On Friday, Pyongyang held an enormous parade to honor Kim Il Sung’s 110th birthday. In the absence of a highly anticipated military parade showcasing the country’s newest armament systems, the country’s most significant national holiday appeared to

Kim Jong Un may still hold a military parade on April 25, North Korea’s army’s birthday. Some observers believe that if Kim does not contain a military parade this time, he will lack new, powerful missiles and will soon conduct a nuclear test.

As part of its weapons development program, it conducts frequent missile tests.

The U.N. is unhappy overall. They are prohibited from being tested in North Korea, which has already been severely sanctioned. Kim is pushing the limits of how much the world will tolerate his actions. 

If You Want to Win, Out Smart Your Enemy.

You have to able to read your enemy and know his next move because his only objective is to eliminate those who oppose him.

America is RUNNING OUT of military munitions and can’t replace them FOR YEARS due to industrial decline and supply chain collapse


Just as Russia has now completed the test firing of its global ICBM “Sarmat” missile system — which can reach any target anywhere in the world with a dizzying array of re-entry (nuclear) vehicles — alarm bells are being sounded over America’s rapid depletion of munitions due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The US Pentagon has shipped thousands of Javelin anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, along with millions of rounds of ammunition, artillery shells, rockets, drones and troop transport vehicles, leading to a sudden drop in the available stockpiles of such equipment should US forces need to defend the homeland.

“General Mark Milley, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that the West has delivered 60,000 antitank weapons and 25,000 anti-aircraft weapons to Kyiv. The Pentagon is now laying plans to rush additional artillery, coastal defense drones and other materiel to Ukraine,” reports

Pentagon officials say that Kyiv is blowing through a week’s worth of deliveries of antitank munitions every day. It is also running short of usable aircraft as Russian airstrikes and combat losses take their toll. Ammunition has become scarce in Mariupol and other areas. This is presenting Western countries with a stark choice between pouring more supplies into Ukraine or husbanding finite capabilities they may need for their own defense.

Will take years to rebuild weapons stockpiles

Even worse, we’ve now learned that many of these systems are extremely difficult to replenish, requiring years of manufacturing to restore supplies. While Javelin missiles, for example, have been sent to Ukraine by the thousands, the United States can only manufacture about 1,000 units a year under current circumstances.

Contributing to the alarming problem is the supply chain collapse that appears to be spreading rapidly, making it difficult if not impossible for weapons manufacturers to source materials and parts that are needed for their products. In addition, many weapons system suppliers are single-source suppliers, meaning there is zero redundancy in the military supply chain for that component or weapon.

Even worse, many of these single-source suppliers rely on microchips or other parts from China or Taiwan, meaning that such parts may be impossible to get during a world war.

And finally, wrapping up the dismal reality of the situation, America’s industrial capabilities have plummeted over the last two decades. Combined with the fact that so few Americans want to carry out anything resembling “work,” there is no ability for America to repeat its World War II feat of out-producing the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire. In the 1930s and 40s, America carried a strong work ethic and an outstanding industrial output capacity based largely on domestic sourcing (of steel, for example). Today, America has collapsed into a nation with very little domestic manufacturing and almost no remaining work ethic. The primary thing “produced” by America is fiat currency (debt notes) which obviously can’t replace steel. Other American exports include libtard cultural insanity, pedophilia (grooming), Big Tech censorship and Orwellian tracking technologies.

In essence, America produces very little other than debt, misery and insanity. (Plus quite a lot of food crops, when fertilizer is available.)

You can’t “print” your way to military readiness

As analysts are now coming to realize, you can’t print munitions and weapon systems. Yes, you can print money and make believe you have an abundant economy, a rising stock market and high currency velocity, but those are all fictions based on currency counterfeiting by the central bank.

Military weapons, on the other hand, have to be manufactured out of real things. Copper, steel, electronics, gunpowder, aluminum, etc. And these real things are increasingly difficult to acquire, largely due to the West’s insanely stupid economic sanctions against Russia which have, for the most part, backfired against western nations and caused extremely stubborn supply chain disruptions.

You also can’t simply outsource your domestic weapons production to other countries, since the entire point of domestic production is to have factories that can create weapons for national defense when you’re in the middle of a global war. The United States, having outsourced nearly all manufacturing to China and other nations, has but a shadow remaining of its post-World War II manufacturing capabilities.

Printing more money won’t solve this problem, which means fake president Joe Biden has no idea what to do. In fact, that top two “solutions” being pursued by the White House under the Resident-In-Chief Joe Biden is to: 1) Print more money, and 2) Shut down domestic infrastructure.

The results are nothing short of catastrophic. America is dismantling its ability to manufacture weapons for national defense. And China is no doubt watching all of this rather closely, projecting the collapse of America’s military readiness, signaling the perfect storm of circumstances for China to invade the continental United States.

Russia is also watching America burn through its weapon systems

Russia’s take on all this is demonstrated by Sputnik News which recently published an article, “US Running Out of Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles to Send to Ukraine: Report.” From that article:

The United States and its allies have sent up to 17,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine over the past month-and-a-half… Having transferred about a third of its inventory of Javelin missile systems to Ukraine, the Pentagon may be running out of stocks critical for the security of the homeland and possible US wars abroad, Center for Strategic and International Studies researcher Mark Cancian has calculated.

That same report concludes that replacing those Javelin missiles will take 3-4 years:

With current production averaging about 1,000 Javelins a year, the Pentagon assures that up to 6,480 can be made per year in an emergency. However, Cancian says this production rate would take years to reach, given the 32 month delivery time from when a missile is ordered and the time that it’s delivered. “This means that it will take about three or four years to replace the missiles that have been delivered so far. If the United States delivers more missiles to Ukraine, this time to replace extends,” he stresses.

A similar situation exists with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, which are also being sent to Ukraine in large numbers, depleting America’s stockpiles. See the full CSIS report here.

US military weapons are outdated and largely ineffective against Russia’s modern, advanced weapon systems

The other “holy crap” factor in all this is the fact that the US military industrial complex, due to its corruption, laziness and virtue signaling incompetence (where many of the qualified cis-gendered people were fired and replaced by “woke” pretenders who play the role of victims), is utterly incapable of designing new, effective weapon systems. (You know, because “math is racist.”) America is largely churning out the same outdated designed from decades ago, with no design improvements whatsoever.

Idiocracy is now ruling the US military. Why do F-35 fighter aircraft keep falling out of the sky? Why do US Navy ships lose all controls and drift at sea? Why are US soldiers thrust into conflicts with sub-par equipment that barely functions?

The answer is because the Pentagon is far more concerned with being gay and transgender than being prepared to defend America. The “woke” mentality has transformed the leadership of the US Armed Forces into libturd soy boy snowflakes who have forgotten the entire reason for their very existence. They want the military to be a wokeified social experiment rather than an effective fighting force.

This is why America is terrified to actually face off against Russian forces in Ukraine. Russia has already established near-total air superiority in Ukraine. Russia’s artillery equipment is far more modern and effective than is America’s, as the Russian systems have a much faster fire cycling rate and far more accurate targeting of where the shells actually hit.

Russia’s hypersonic missiles can’t be stopped by anything from the USA or NATO, which means Russia can strike targets at will, and there’s nothing NATO can do to stop it. Now, Russia’s new “Sarmat-2” ICBM system which can carry up to 15 independent re-entry vehicles (MIRV units), some of which can include hypersonic glide vehicles that evade every anti-air defense system the USA has in its inventory.

And then there’s Russia’s S-500 anti-aircraft defense systems. These systems are so advanced and effective that they can shoot down aircraft, low-Earth orbit satellites, cruise missiles and hypersonic missiles. America and NATO have nothing that even comes close to the S-500.

In effect, America cannot defeat Russia in a war. This is becoming rather obvious in Ukraine where US intelligence, US weapons and US satellite systems are running the entire theater of operations for the Ukrainians, yet the Ukraine military is still getting stomped. Russia is just weeks away from a decisive victory in the Donbas region, and there’s absolutely nothing any NATO country can do to stop them, short of launching nuclear weapons.

It turns out that America’s priorities have led this nation down the path of self-destruction. Instead of building a military as a capable fighting force, the Pentagon is far more concerned with organizing gay helicopter crews and paying for the transgender sex-change surgeries of active-duty soldiers. The insanity has reached the point of mass dysfunction… even clinical insanity. Our Pentagon is now run by mentally ill lunatics who will get American soldiers slaughtered on the battlefield when there’s an actual war with Russia (which seems to be coming).

Here Is Some “Real Good News”

The past two years have proven that society is hanging on by a thread and one catastrophic disaster could cause an entire country to collapse at any moment. Here are things you can do to increase the odds of getting through this kind of survival scenario.

The first three days

The first 24 to 72 hours after society collapses can be considered a “calm before the storm,” as more and more people begin to realize that what has happened to their communities – or their entire nation – is not a temporary effect but a long-term situation.

This is your prime window of opportunity to act. Gather all of the resources you may need for your survival plan and purchase or barter for everything else you need immediately. Food and water will be your priority, but don’t forget to think about the supplies you need to take care of your health and your defense.

With every member of your survival network, figure out what you will do from here on out. Whether this means hunkering down and securing your shelter or gathering all of the supplies you need to bug out to a safer place, this decision must be made soon so that you can have a head start before the rest of society understands that the collapse has already happened.

First month

After the first three days, society will begin to unravel very quickly. Emergency services will disappear, electronic transactions will be unavailable, paper money will quickly be phased out of use in favor of bartering and more and more of your neighbors who haven’t yet bugged out will begin doing so.

If you and your survival network decided to hunker down, you must keep as low of a profile as possible. Riots will be breaking out as the unprepared fight and kill for dwindling resources and you and your network’s main goal at this moment will be to preserve your resources while you build up your capacity for long-term survival.

The last two months

Within 30 days, the massive rioting and violence that broke out at the beginning of the collapse will start to die down. There will be virtually no unclaimed resources left, any semblance of government or any of its infrastructure will be destroyed and surviving communities will start turning inward to protect their own people and resources.

By this point, you and your community must have already learned how to repair or replenish everything you will need to survive. This means learning how to grow food, how to harvest and purify water and how to repair your shelters and defensive structures.

If you and your community are not knowledgeable about how to survive long-term within 90 days after a massive collapse, it will be very difficult – if not outright impossible – for you to keep going much longer.

Our Country: Terror, Chaos Is the New Order. Who is to Blame?

Unprecedented chaos is coming to Texas once the Biden administration stops enforcing a public health law that has been one of the factors limiting the flood of immigrants stampeding across the border, according to one Texas mayor.

(Article by Jack Davis republished from

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin Jr. gave a preview of his fears during an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

The Biden administration has said that as of May 23, it will no longer enforce Title 42, a rule imposed during the coronavirus pandemic that allowed officials at the border to turn away illegal immigrants on the grounds that they could be bringing the coronavirus into the country.

McLaughlin said Friday that he expects when Title 42 goes away, his community will face an increase of between 75 percent and 100 percent in the number of illegal immigrants with which it must deal.

“We’ve been dealing with this crisis for the last year,” he said, referring to the massive numbers of illegal immigrants who have come into the U.S. since President Joe Biden took office.

McLaughlin said he has no words to picture the next level of America’s illegal immigration crisis.

“What’s coming on the 23rd of May won’t even be describable,” the mayor said. “I mean, you’re talking about thousands of people that are going to hit that border, that are just waiting to cross the border.

“And there’s nobody prepared down here for it. The federal government’s not prepared for it. Thank God Governor Abbott is trying to get prepared for it, but it’s going to be just the wild, wild west and crazy down here,” he said.

On Wednesday, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott announced a series of measures to help his state deal with the flood of migrants, including using “charter buses and flights to transport migrants who have been processed and released from federal custody to Washington, D.C.”

McLaughlin noted that even though Uvalde is not right on the border, it will be drowned in the wave to come, based on what he has seen the federal government do before.

“They’ll get so overwhelmed at the border, they’ll pull all their Border Patrol agents out of the field. They’ll make them processors. They’ll be doing paperwork, and they’ll say, ‘Oh we’re over capacity,’ and they’ll start shipping them to towns like Uvalde,” he said.

The federal government will “dump them” and “then we have to deal with them,” the mayor said.

McLaughlin said the Biden administration has caused the problem and federal officials compound it by denying communities the ability to deal with what the feds have created.

“The federal government ties your hands at every turn,” he said.

Last year, the mayor denounced the Biden administration’s immigration policy as “pretty much a clown show,” according to Fox News.

“It’s just — it is just getting crazier and crazier and crazier and these — these ‘peaceful’ immigrants, illegal immigrants, they keep talking about, are getting more and more aggressive with landowners. They’re doing more destruction of property. They’re tearing things up. Trashing ranch houses, trashing vehicles,” McLaughlin told host Tucker Carlson in September.

”And, you know, you can complain all you want, but this is — this administration turns a blind eye to it. This is such a failed administration and a failed president, it’s terrible,” he said then.

Famines and More

As long as the current administration is in control we are in trouble.

Members of congress are now using words like “famine” and “starvation” to describe what is coming


I have so much information to share with you today, and I will do my best to be brief.  But be warned that this article is going to be longer than usual.  Global events are moving so quickly now, and I believe that they are going to move even more rapidly in the months ahead.  Sadly, the changes that we are witnessing will have a very real impact on the daily lives of every man, woman and child on the entire planet.  As I discussed yesterday, a global food shortage has arrived.  In fact, members of Congress are now using words like “famine” and “starvation” to describe what conditions will soon be like all over the world.

(Article by Michael republished from

For example, U.S. Senator Joni Ernst just told Fox Business that our planet is facing “impending famine”

About 40 to 45 percent of the production in Ukraine will be decreased this year because of the war and the scarcity of supplies that go into the planting season. And we know that Ukraine also supports about 400 million people around the world with its food products. So we do see that we have an impending famine. And I’ve heard from David Beasley at the World Food Bank that he’s now going to have to take from the hungry to feed the starving.

And U.S. Senator Cory Booker has previously warned that we could soon see tens of millions of people “dying of starvation”

“Democrats and Republicans in Congress need to quickly come together and approve emergency global food aid in order to prevent tens of millions of people, including millions of children, from dying of starvation,” Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, told Reuters.

They aren’t exaggerating.

Even Joe Biden recently admitted that food shortages are “going to be real”.

The one thing that could provide a ray of hope would be an end to the war in Ukraine.

But it appears that isn’t going to happen any time soon.  In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that his nation will not accept anything less than “victory” in the war…

Special Report’s Bret Baier interviewed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday evening, touching on a wide variety of topics, including what a victory looks like for Ukraine and what Putin is hoping to achieve.

Baier asked the Ukrainian leader at the start of the interview how he believes the “war will end” prompting an explanation from Zelenskyy that only “victory” will be acceptable to his country.

Good luck with all that.

Now that the Russians have pulled their forces away from Kiev to focus on the eastern front, there is a lot less pressure on Zelenskyy to compromise on a peace deal.

And the fact that this conflict has made him one of the biggest celebrities on the entire planet actually gives him an incentive to keep it going.

Meanwhile, millions upon millions of people are already deeply suffering.  In Somalia, we are being warned that an “impending famine” is at the door…

What we are now seeing is impending famine similar to that which occurred in 2010/2011 in which more than a quarter of a million people died – including 133,000 children under the age of five. Although some donors have committed to fund Somalia’s Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) which seeks US$1.5 billion, not even 4% of funding required to meet Somalia’s humanitarian needs have been allocated. Like the novel coronavirus, which had impacted many of Somali households, the Ukraine crisis has driven inflation and rising costs in Somalia, particularly for food and energy, at a time when families are already incredibly desperate.

The reason why the situation in Somalia has become so desperate is because that nation normally gets more than 90 percent of its wheat from either Russia or Ukraine…

Finally, in the Horn of Africa 13 million people are already suffering from hunger. Ethiopia imports around 40 percent of its wheat from Russia and Ukraine, Kenya 30 percent, and Somalia over 90 percent.

Meanwhile, the food crisis in Yemen just continues to escalate.  One man that was recently interviewed admitted that he and his family “live like ants”

Experts are warning that the world faces a historic famine. The war in Ukraine is only one of many problems plaguing the global distribution of food.

In Yemen, Ghalib al-Najjar skips meals so that his children have enough food. He says he and his family “live like ants or fish…we eat what we can find.”

In Peru, rapidly rising prices for fuel and food have sparked massive nationwide protests

An ongoing wave of violent protests in Peru shows how the Russian invasion of Ukraine is affecting markets around the world, sparking unrest and deepening political divides.

Rising fuel costs originally triggered the protests, which started last week, but quickly intensified into large anti-government demonstrations with marches and road blockades.

So far at least six people have died in the chaos, and protesters continue to block at least nine major roads.

In Afghanistan, it is being estimated that 95 percent of the entire population does not have enough food to eat right now…

Afghanistan has faced grave hunger crises before. Two decades ago, people in the country were so hungry they resorted to eating wild grass.

But the situation in the country now is unprecedented.

Exacerbated by an unusually cold winter and the worst drought in decades, the economic upheaval that came with the Taliban takeover has left 95% of Afghans without enough food.

We haven’t seen anything like this in a really long time.

Overall, the World Food Program is warning us that “285 million people face starvation”

The World Food Program estimates that 285 million people face starvation.

The head of the World Food Program, former South Carolina Governor David Beasley, says the world food supply already faced a catastrophe before the war in Ukraine.

“We’re so short of funds already, and now with Ukraine, we’ve got 50-percent rations for people, for example, in Yemen, I’ve just cut 50 percent rations for eight million people. Niger, 50 percent rations, Chad 50 percent rations. And 50 percent don’t have anything, those who are in extreme need,” Beasley said.

Of course this is just the beginning.  As I specifically warned in Lost Prophecies and 7 Year Apocalypse, conditions will eventually become far more severe than they are at this moment.

Here in the United States, nobody is starving just yet, but the cost of living is escalating at a frightening pace.

According to a Bloomberg report, the average U.S. household will need to spend 5,200 dollars more just to have the same standard of living as last year…

“Inflation will mean the average U.S. household has to spend an extra $5,200 this year ($433 per month) compared to last year for the same consumption basket,” Bloomberg Economics reports.

Having to spend an extra $433 per month to get the same is a hefty, even gargantuan ask for anyone — especially parents who are already struggling to keep a roof over their kid’s heads and food on the table.

And our historic supply chain crisis just continues to get even worse.

In fact, the wait times for computer chips just hit another all-time record high

The wait times for semiconductor deliveries rose slightly in March, reaching a new high, after lockdowns in China and an earthquake in Japan further hampered supply.

Lead times — the lag between when a chip is ordered and delivered — increased by two days to 26.6 weeks last month, according to research by Susquehanna Financial Group.

The system is crumbling all around us, and we really are in the early stages of a full-blown economic implosion.

Initially, it will be the poorest nations that suffer the most.

Millions upon millions of innocent people don’t have enough to eat right now, and that number will rise with each passing day.

Normally, most Americans don’t pay too much attention to what is happening on the other side of the world, but food scarcity is growing in the United States too.

So if you and your family have enough food to eat tonight, you should be very grateful, because at least for now you are one of the lucky ones.

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