This ain’t no April fool’s Joke.

New intel on the wave of suicide bombers headed for Western Europe (and maybe even America)

We have also received important intel — scrubbed of all OPSEC details that might compromise security for US forces — warning about a wave of suicide bombers being recruited in Afghanistan, armed with suicide vests in Iran, then transported to Ukraine and placed under the temporary control of Russian military units. Their ultimate goal is to move into Western European nations (NATO nations are the target) by posing as Ukrainian refugees.

They are armed with kinetic explosive vests which can be easily disassembled and reassembled in order to evade detection during border crossings. Importantly, some of the terrorists are in possession of explosive vests augmented with dirty bomb materials (i.e. radioisotopes). These are not extremely radioactive but are more along the lines of low-level radiation, just enough to make an area unsafe to inhabit and spread the fear of a “radiation dirty bomb.” These materials likely do not pose an acute risk of radiation poisoning, or they would be too unsafe to transport by the suicide bombers themselves.

We are told that suicide bomber attacks are now anticipated in Paris, London, Berlin and other prominent cities in NATO countries. Likely targets will be “soft” targets with high human density such as cafes, concerts, theaters, etc.

Part of this effort is designed to create economic and political instability in the West, combined with the economic difficulties caused by Putin demanding payment for energy exports in Rubles (which goes into effect tomorrow, if it is fully enforced).

Many enemies of the West are seizing upon this moment in history to unleash a variety of attacks from multiple vectors: Currency attacks, kinetic attacks, radiological attacks, refugee “flooding” of NATO nations, energy scarcity, etc.

Terrorists will likely attempt to enter the USA

We are also told that efforts will be made by suicide bombers to gain access to the continental United States (CONUS) with anticipation of suicide bombing attacks on low-security soft targets in the USA. Importantly, this means that our military intelligence believes these suicide bombers will not attempt to go after high-security targets such as the actual White House grounds which are very, very secure, but rather will target unguarded civilians who gather in large numbers at social events such as concerts, restaurants, theaters, etc.

We are not passing this along in order to incite fear in anyone, but rather to help our readers be prepared to anticipate these events which have already been set into motion by the global dynamics of war with Russia, economic sanctions, commodities shortages, currency wars, etc. An individual person’s actual chance of being caught in a suicide bombing in the USA is virtually zero. The far greater risk to us all is how a tyrannical government regime will respond to the escalation in terrorism violence by expanding surveillance of citizens, rolling out more security checkpoints, unlawful searches of ordinary citizens, and potentially even racial profiling of anyone who resembles a Middle Eastern profile.

In other words, the real danger to America is not the suicide bomber terrorism, but the reaction of government tyranny against its own citizens and the exploitation of another crisis to take away individual liberty. Note that the only reason such terrorists have easy access to the continental United States is because the US government outright refuses to secure the southern border. This is all being engineered on purpose.

Get full details on all this and more in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also discusses the detailed ramifications of economic sanctions against Russia and the global currency wars that are targeting the dollar:

3.28.2022 Political Moment

“Listen, we in the white house, and those in Washington, don’t have to worry about where our food and gas supply is coming from, so don’t worry about us who are rich. I know what I’m doing. Nancy told me I do. And don’t worry about us when a nuke war starts, we’ll be down in the bunker safe and sound.”

Red Alert: North Korea:

If you think that North Korea is not a threat, THINK AGAIN MY FRIEND.

(SEOUL, South Korea) — North Korea fired a suspected long-range missile toward the sea Thursday in what would be its first such test since 2017, according to its neighbors’ militaries, raising the ante in a pressure campaign aimed at forcing the United States and other rivals to accept it as a nuclear power and remove crippling sanctions.

The launch, which extended North Korea’s barrage of weapons tests this year, came after the U.S. and South Korean militaries said the country was preparing a flight of its biggest-yet intercontinental ballistic missile.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff didn’t immediately say whether the weapon involved in the launch was ballistic or how far it flew. But Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister Makoto Oniki said the missile, which traveled 1,100 kilometers (660 miles) while reaching a maximum altitude of over 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles), likely was a new ICBM. The flight details suggested that the missile was fired on a higher-than-usual angle to avoid reaching the territorial waters of Japan.

Japan’s coast guard, which warned vessels in nearby waters about the potential for falling objects, said it believed the missile flew about an hour before landing in waters outside the country’s exclusive economic zone. There were no immediate reports of damage to boats or aircraft.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in called an emergency National Security Council meeting where he criticized North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for breaking a self-imposed moratorium on ICBM tests and posing a “serious threat” to the region and the broader international community. Moon instructed officials to pursue “all possible response measures” based on its alliance with the United States and cooperation with other international partners, his office said.

“Even when the international community is responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, North Korea has been forcing its missile launches, which could one-sidedly escalate provocations,” Oniki said.

Following a highly provocative streak in nuclear explosive and ICBM tests in 2017, Kim unilaterally suspended such testing in 2018 ahead of his first meeting with then-U.S. President Donald Trump.

North Korea’s slew of weapons tests reflects a determination to cement its status as a nuclear power and wrest badly needed economic concessions from Washington and others from a position of strength, analysts say.

Kim Jong Un may also feel a need to trumpet his military accomplishments to his domestic audience and drum up loyalty as he grapples with a broken economy worsened by pandemic border closures.

“Despite economic challenges and technical setbacks, the Kim regime is determined to advance its missile capabilities,” said Leif-Eric Easley, a professor of international studies at Seoul’s Ewha Womans University. “It would be a mistake for international policymakers to think the North Korean missile threat can be put on the back burner while the world deals with the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

The Biden administration’s passive handling of North Korea so far, while it focuses on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and an intensifying rivalry with China, is allowing more room for the North to dial up its testing activity, some experts say. The administration’s actions on North Korea have so far been limited to largely symbolic sanctions imposed over its recent tests and offers of open-ended talks that were quickly turned down by Pyongyang’s leadership.

There are views in Seoul that Washington is slipping back to the Obama administration’s “strategic patience” policy of ignoring North Korea until it demonstrates seriousness about denuclearization, although that approach was criticized for neglecting a gathering nuclear threat.

It was North Korea’s 12th round of weapons launches this year and came after it fired suspected artillery pieces into the sea on Sunday.

The North has also tested a variety of new missiles, including a purported hypersonic weapon and its first launch since 2017 of an intermediate range missile with a potential of reaching Guam, a key U.S. military hub in the Pacific.

It also conducted two medium-range tests in recent weeks from Sunan, home to the country’s main airport, that the U.S. and South Korean militaries assessed to have involved components of the North’s largest ICBM. The allies had said the missile, which the North calls Hwasong-17, could be tested at full range soon.

Those tests followed another launch from Sunan last week. But South Korea’s military said the missile likely exploded shortly after liftoff. Details of the explosion and the possibility of civilian damage remain unknown.

North Korea’s official media insisted that the two successful tests were aimed at developing cameras and other systems for a spy satellite. Analysts say the North is clearly attempting to simultaneously resume ICBM testing and acquire some level of space-based reconnaissance capability under the pretense of a space launch to reduce international backlash to those moves.

The launch may possibly come around a major political anniversary in April, the birthday of state founder Kim Il Sung, the late grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un.

The North’s previous ICBMs demonstrated potential range to reach the American homeland during three flight tests in 2017. Its development of the larger Hwasong-17, which was first revealed in a military parade in October 2020, possibly indicates an aim to arm it with multiple warheads to overwhelm missile defenses, experts say.

The North last flight-tested an ICBM in November 2017, when the Hwasong-15 flew about 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) for about 50 minutes at a maximum altitude of 4,000 kilometers (2,400 miles). It wasn’t immediately clear whether the missile from the latest test was the Hwasong-17.

Denuclearization talks with the U.S. have been stalled since 2019, when the Americans rejected North Korea’s demand for a major release of crippling U.S.-led sanctions in exchange for a partial surrender of its nuclear capabilities.

Kim presided over a ruling Workers’ Party meeting on Jan. 19, where Politburo members issued a veiled threat to end his ICBM moratorium, citing U.S. hostility. Eleven days later, the North conducted its first test since 2017 of an intermediate range missile, signaling a resumption of major weapons testing.

South Korea’s military has also detected signs that North Korea was possibly restoring some of the tunnels at its nuclear testing ground that were detonated in May 2018, weeks ahead of Kim’s first meeting with Trump. The military didn’t say whether it believes the North was restoring the site to resume nuclear tests.

Cyber Attack is Highly Possible

The Threat from Russia is very REAL. We as America are in for a world of hurt and it looks like it can’t be stopped.

Breaking: Biden White House warns of potential cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in US by Russia based on “evolving intelligence threat”

03/24/2022 / By News Editors

On Monday, Joe Biden urged private sector partners to strengthen their cyber defenses, citing “evolving intelligence” that suggests Russia might conduct cyber activity against American companies and critical infrastructure. These attacks would be a move of retaliation against the economic sanctions placed on Russia by the US and its NATO allies.

Last week, after months of warning the private sector about the possibility of Russian retaliation, the administration hosted “classified briefings with companies and sectors [they] felt would be most effective and provided very practical, focused advice,” according to the Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology, Anne Neuberger. Neuberger also reported that Russia had been conducting “preparatory activity” for cyber-attacks, which could include hunting for software vulnerabilities on websites.

While “critical infrastructure” includes sectors like water, energy, healthcare, and financial services – to name a few – Neuberger did not specify which particular area could be targeted by Russia cyberattackers.

Neuberger did note, however, that “there is no certainty there will by a cyber incident on critical infrastructure.”

Now, “evolving intelligence” has caused an increased level of threat to the United States.

“I have previously warned about the potential that Russia could conduct malicious cyber activity against the United States, including as a response to the unprecedented economic costs we’ve imposed on Russia alongside our allies and partners,” said Biden in a statement. “It’s part of Russia’s playbook.”

Biden’s statement specified that “the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been actively working with organizations across critical infrastructure to rapidly share information and mitigation guidance to help protect their systems and networks.”

A professor at the University of Virginia who specialized in cybersecurity, Ryan Wright, warned of serious attacks from Russia which could affect Americans in a very personal way. “[I]t is only a matter of time until the U.S. is targeted more directly,” Wright warns. “This may mean attacks on your personal device through ransomware but also attacks on the infrastructure such as your internet access or even the power grid.”

Though unlikely that Americans would be individually targeted by Russian cyber-attacks, it’s very possible that the effects of a cyber-attack can be felt by millions across the country.

Here Is Something You Never Thought Would Happen

Folks, it’s beginning to take place. And The Question, “Can It Happen in America?” Yes, it can.

The global UPRISING begins: Fiat currencies melt down while food and fuel inflation unleashes SUDDEN POVERTY for billions (who will soon face worldwide FAMINE)

03/22/2022 / By Mike Adams / Comments

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The global UPRISING begins: Fiat currencies melt down while food and fuel inflation unleashes SUDDEN POVERTY for billions (who will soon face worldwide FAMINE)

It’s happening more quickly than predicted. Although I’ve been openly predicting a global uprising due to skyrocketing food and fuel inflation — which is really just a representation of the collapsing value of fiat currencies — I was surprised to see how rapidly the revolt is exploding.

Taxi and trucker blockades have begun in France as transportation workers are protesting rising fuel prices. Protests have also spread to Spain and Albania, as Strange Sounds reports:

Thousands of farmers and hunters marched through Madrid on Sunday in a mass demonstration dubbed “20M Rural,” protesting against the government’s inability to curb rising prices amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The agricultural workers, waiving Spanish flags and whistling, marched through the streets accompanied by tractors blowing their horns. The demonstrators were protesting against rising prices on fuel, energy and food, and called on the government to help the sector, to stop speculation, and adopt new laws to regulate supply chains.

In Canada, 3,000 Pacific Canada rail workers have gone on strike, causing fertilizer shipments to grind to a halt, reports Zero Hedge:

The North American agricultural sector could be in for a major shock if Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd’s (CP Rail) work stoppage is not resolved in a timely manner because it could spark a shortage of fertilizer and other shipments critical for the spring growing season…

CP Rail is the leading carrier of potash, a potassium-rich salt mined from underground deposits formed from evaporated sea beds millions of years ago, used to support crop development. In prior investor documents, the rail company said it hauls 70% of the potash produced in North America, all from mines in Canada. The railroad also carries fertilizers, including phosphate, urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and anhydrous ammonia.

Note that this fertilizer transportation collapse will also impact American farmers:

A disruption of fertilizer shipments could significantly impact US farmers on the cusp of planting season. The work stoppage may exacerbate existing supply chain bottlenecks in North America stemming from COVID. The agricultural sector can’t afford any more disruptions as Western economic sanctions on Russia and Belarus, two major fertilizer producers, have unleashed higher prices globally and shortage fears.

That’s going to strongly contribute to food scarcity in the second half of 2022, all throughout North America.

Communist China, seeing the global food collapse accelerating, has ordered peasants to clear-cut forests and start planting grains. As reported by The Epoch Times:

A video circulated on China’s social media showed that local authorities in Weifang, Shandong Province, ordered peasants to “remove trees” to make the land available for grain production. This comes as many in China fear food shortages will soon become a serious problem.

In the video, a peasant, who recorded it as a selfie, said, “We just received a notice that we are required to cut down these trees and grow grains instead, even if financially it ends up being a loss. Commodity prices are so high nowadays—fertilizers, pesticides, and prices are ridiculously high.”

This is happening because China sees the global food collapse accelerating. Even though China has already bought up and stored 18 months of wheat supplies to feed the Chinese people, they are still ordering people to plant grains in anticipation of global famine.

The FAMINE cycle: Print money, pay people to not work, and watch everybody starve to death

Remember when we were told that central banks could keep printing money and “kick the can down the road?” We have reached the end of that road.

What’s happening now is that 50+ years of endless money printing and debt creation are reaching a supercritical moment of spontaneous collapse. All fiat currencies are losing value by the day, everywhere around the world, following central banks running multi-trillion dollar money printing sprees during the covid plandemic. With all the bailout money flooding the world, the sharp devaluation of fiat currencies is causing the prices of goods and services to be expressed in larger and larger numbers. Everything is getting more expensive, and despite the best efforts of criminal cartel governments to lie to their own people, nobody can hide the fact that food and fuel are becoming insanely expensive.

On top of the mad money printing, we now have a devastating supply chain collapse of food commodities, natural gas and fertilizer due to the US and NATO pushing Russia into a new world war. The West fired the first weapon of mass destruction by disconnecting Russia’s banks from the SWIFT financial system while looting all of Russia’s currency reserves held by the central banks of other nations.

In other words, America is doing to Russia what the USA also did to Japan in World War II: Economic blockade, followed by an “allowed” attack (Pearl Harbor, which was allowed to take place), then followed by an aggressive media push for an emotional recruitment of the masses to push America into a world war. Biden is following in the footsteps of Roosevelt, in other words, except that Biden wasn’t legitimately elected into office in the first place.

To “solve” the problem with inflation, the governments of the world are going to print more money and hand it out to more people in a desperate effort to “buy” peace by paying off would-be rioters. This effort will only succeed for a short while because the money printing and handouts will only serve to accelerate inflation, of course, leading to even higher prices and more anger among the people.

Mathematically speaking, the money printing can never keep up with the inflation caused by money printing for the simple reason that you can’t create enough new debt to pay off the old debt when the existing debt is compounding by the day. By the time the new bailout money reaches families at a level of around $250 / month, those families will be paying $1,000 / month more in food and fuel. When governments try to increase the bailouts to something like $1,000 / month, they will be chasing the increased burden of families having to spend $4,000 / month extra in food and fuel costs, etc. (The actual numbers will be much smaller on developing countries, but the principle is the same.)

You can’t bail yourself out of an inflationary crisis by printing more money. You and I know that, but idiotic, delusional left-wing economists and bureaucrats don’t understand reality, and they believe they can live in a Magical Money Theory (MMT) bubble where they pretend debt doesn’t matter.

Their worlds are in the process of being shattered right now. The next 2-3 years will see worldwide food riots followed by food rationing, price controls and authoritarian governments seizing control over food, farms and grocery retailers. They will use this engineered crisis to expand their authoritarian control over everyone, even as the very root of this problem begins with governments being too large and powerful in the first place.

Now you understand why I’ve been aggressively urging everybody to learn how to grow food. If you don’t grow food or have a huge amount of physical gold and silver to barter for food, you may very well starve to death.

We’ve now launched the pre-registration site where you can register to be alerted about the free download of my new, upcoming audio book. The book teaches high-tech, low-tech and NO-tech prepping strategies for surviving the total collapse of human civilization.

This book teaches you how to survive the end of the world, starting with the assumption that our world loses all electricity, fossil fuels and synthetic fertilizer. Very few preppers talk about the “no-tech” layer that needs to be addressed, where you have zero access to new supplies and must live entirely on what you can accomplish locally.

The free download includes all MP3 files and a printable PDF transcript. All files are free to download, with no digital rights restrictions of any kind. You can enter your email address on the site to register right now:

We just had 8,000 pounds of organic pinto beans stolen in transit!

Underscoring the total collapse of the supply chain, we just experienced a theft of 8,000 pounds of organic pinto beans that “disappeared” during transit through a logistics distribution hub in Dallas. These were pinto beans scheduled to go into our Ranger Buckets at the Health Ranger Store.

Apparently, someone working at the distribution hub used a forklift to steal two pallets by loading them into their own truck (this was an inside job). Now they’re sitting on 8,000 pounds of pinto beans and we are left with having to replace them with something else.

This is a small sign of things to come. When warehouse workers start stealing dried beans by the ton, you know things are getting bad.

Soon, transport trucks will be truck-jacked on the highways. Grocery stores will be looted by flash mobs. Individual grocery shoppers will be robbed at gunpoint as they are exiting retailers. Food thefts will be off the charts, and you will see a sharp uptick in shootings (some in self-defense) related to food thefts.

Get ready for the total collapse of human civilization — a process that will cause the suffering and death of billions of people while it unfolds over the next decade or so. Remember: globalists want to eliminate 90% of the human population. Vaccines and bioweapons could easily kill 25% of the world population, while mass famine could kill another 50%. War, violence and disease could easily take out a few billion more, leading us to wonder who will be left alive when the satanic globalists are allowed to destroy our world?

The honest answer is that the only people who will survive this are those who prepare in advance and take urgent action to prepare for the end of the world. That is, unless something truly dramatic (divine?) takes place and the satanic forces are halted before they can carry out their plans.

Today’s podcast covers this subject, plus additional details on the chemical attack false flag scenario being pursued by NATO and the US in order to try to drag the West into a world war with Russia.

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